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Dynamics of the environmental transformation processes during 1990-2006 in Romania reflected by land cover and use changes

The relationship between the natural and anthropic components of territorial systems or complexes of coupled socio-economic and natural systems is changing in time under the effect of socio-economic and political drivers. One way of looking at it is through the changes of land cover and use, which are connected also to the dynamics of the eco-energies during the anthropization process. The aim of this paper is to perform an analysis of long-term

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The different consuming of primary eco-energies and their degradation in territorial systems

The territorial system is considered as an operational unit, and it defined as the territory associated to a community at different levels (macro-, mezzo- and micro-scale), functioning together, based on a project and having a common objective. The evaluation of primary eco-energies started from the idea there is a direct relationship between the way of using lands and the quantity of primary ecoenergies. The highest values are considered those from

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