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Electric Power Systems, Volume I, Electric Networks

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Autori: Mircea Eremia, Yong Hua Song, Nikos Hatziargyriou, Adrian Buta, Gheorghe Cartina, Lucian Toma et al.

Editorial: Mircea Eremia, Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, I, p.830, 2006.


Modern power systems are the result of continuous development and improvement, which, over the years, leaded to highly sophisticated and complex technologies. Their reliable operation is a tribute to the work of dedicated scientists, innovative engineers and experienced business leaders.
This volume has been thought as an introduction part to a treatise consisting of three volumes, with international cooperation, describing in a comprehensive manner theories and applications of electrical networks such as: calculation of network parameters, AC or DC transmission, neutral grounding, electrical power quality, power losses calculation, steady state calculation, steady state optimisation, state estimation, load forecast, the impact of electrical networks on the environment, designing of transmission lines, distributed generation.
Written mainly from courses taught for students, this book covers a wide range or topics representing the base knowledge that the practicing engineer as well as the graduate, master or PhD students in electrical power engineering need to handle in carrying out researches, in confronting daily challenges from industry, in designing network elements or, for the novice student, just to discover the fascinating world of power systems.

Cuvinte cheie: retele electrice // electrical networks