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1. Finland’s views and political attitudes concerning the Romanian-Hungarian clash on Transylvania (1941-1942)

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Autori: Silviu-Marian Miloiu

Editorial: Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai - European Studies, 1, p.105-119, 2006.


The scope of this article is to study the way Romania’s arguments with Hungary over Transylvania had been understood in the Finnish diplomatic and political circles during 1941-1942 . Though by no means unanimous, Finnish top leaders understood not to take sides when not directly expressing their approval of Romania’s position concerning Transylvania. The dispute of opinions between the Finnish diplomats in Budapest and Bucharest was followed with interest by the Finnish diplomacy who concluded that a Finnish balanced policy in relation with the two countries was not misplaced.

Cuvinte cheie: Transilvania, Finlanda, diplomatie, perceptie, ciocnire // Transylvania, Finland, diplomacy, perceptions, clash