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Studii cu privire la regiunea Europei Central-Rasaritene

Departamentul de Studii în Limbi Străine al Universității „Valahia” din Târgoviște are plăcerea de a vă aduce la cunoștință că a fost constituit primul său program de master internațional în limba engleză intitulat East Central Europe Region Studies – ECERS (Studii cu privire la Regiunea Europei Central-Răsăritene). Programul de master a obținut, în iunie 2013, acreditarea din partea Agenţiei Române de Asigurare a Calităţii

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Diverging their destinies. Romania, Finland and the September 1944 armistices

This article investigates comparatively the roads of Romania and Finland to their September 1944 armistices with Soviet Union and their bilateral relations during these dramatic months. It also seeks to compare the two armistices and to explain the slightly different situations in which the two countries found themselves at the end of the war and especially after the armistices. An answer to the question whether the Romanian armistice has influenced

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The New Europe and the Narrative of the Vilnius Group

This paper approaches the concept of 'New Europe' as set out by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and focuses on the narrative of the Vilnius Group. The conception of a 'New Europe', as a region that had experienced the avatars of totalitarianism and state terrorism and as a consequence better understood the American imperatives for security and for fighting terrorism, took shape in the American foreign policy and leaked into the Vilnius Group

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Communization and finlandization: The status of Romania and Finland in the aftermath of World War II. A comparative study

This article approaches by the means of a comparative study the Soviet influence on Finland and Romania in the aftermath of World War II. It measures the various factors (geopolitical, military, economic and so forth) responsible for the different fate of Romania and Finland in the last years of the 1940's.

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1. Finland’s views and political attitudes concerning the Romanian-Hungarian clash on Transylvania (1941-1942)

The scope of this article is to study the way Romania’s arguments with Hungary over Transylvania had been understood in the Finnish diplomatic and political circles during 1941-1942 . Though by no means unanimous, Finnish top leaders understood not to take sides when not directly expressing their approval of Romania’s position concerning Transylvania. The dispute of opinions between the Finnish diplomats in Budapest and Bucharest was followed

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1. The preliminaries of the Romanian-Finnish relations before 1914

The scope of this article is to investigate the possibilities of two distant little nations to encounter each other before they accomplished their unification or independence by the end of the World War I. It also aims to uncover the perceptions of each other which inherently followed the first meetings between the two peoples and cultures. Finally, it seeks to draw parallels between the roads which the two nations had followed in respect to key

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