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Fabricarea combustibililor petrolieri ecologici. Scheme complexe de rafinãrii.

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Autori: Onutu, Ion

Editorial: Onutu Ion, Editura UPG ISBN 973-8150-108, Fabricarea combustibililor petrolieri ecologici. Scheme complexe de rafinãrii., -, p.283 pag., 2001.


Changes in product specifications has been the dominating factor in the development and mass introduction of distillate and residue hydrotreating processes over the past two decades. Stricter specifications in the foreseeable future will require extensive performance improvements for these processes. Furthermore, the introduction of oxygenates and the reduction of aromatics, olefins and Reid vapor pressure (Rvp) will dictate the introduction of new processes to refining schemes.

The refining industry has been transforming to meet changes in the product slate and the stringent specifications imposed by environmental legislation. Numerous new processing schemes have been introduced over the past decade. Petroleum refining has evolved over the past three decades into increasingly complex chemical operations.

This a general view of the main issues discussed in the book entitled “Manufacturing of ecological petroleum fuels. Complex refining schemes.”

Cuvinte cheie: Combustibili ecologici, rafinare, rafinarii complexe // Clean fuels, Refining, Complex Schemes