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Middle Triassic dasyclad algae from Guizhou, China

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Autori: Bucur Ioan I. & Enos Paul

Editorial: Micropaleontology, 47/4, p.317-338, 2001.


A rich and diverse association of dasyclad algae occurs in the Middle triassic rocks cropping out in Guizhou Province, China, including Macroporella alpina, Macroporella dinarica, Diplopora annulata, Diplopora annulatissima, Diplopora sinica n. sp., Pseudodiplopora proba n. gen., n. comb., and Julpiaella subtilis n. gen., n.comb. Study of this assemblage offered the opportunity to discuss the complex taxonomy of Diplopora-like dasyclads. A review of the criteria of identifying and separating „diplopores”, primarily branch morphology and the existence and shape of vestibules, led to the introduction of two new genera and one new species

Cuvinte cheie: Alge, dasycladale, Triasic, China // Algae, Dasycladales, Triassic, China

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