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Salpingoporella? popgrigorei, a new species of Dasycladales (calcareous algae) from the Lower Aptian deposits of Padurea Craiului (northern Apuseni Mountains, Romania)

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Autori: Bucur Ioan I.

Editorial: Springer verlag, Facies, 53, p.377-388, 2007.


A new dasycladalean alga Salpingoporella?
popgrigorei n. sp. was identiWed in P8durea Craiului
Mountains (northern Apuseni, Romania) in the Lower
Aptian limestone of the Valea Bobdei Member. The new
alga was found within the external platform coarse bioclastic
facies with fragments of corals, sclerosponges, bivalves
(including rudists), gastropods, echinoderms, brachiopods,
and bryozoans. The micropaleontological assemblage consists
of foraminifera, calcareous algae, rare rivulariaceantype
cyanobacteria, and some problematic microfossils.
The deposits are Early Bedoulian in age, as clearly indicated
by the orbitolinid foraminifera Orbitolinopsis pygmaea,
Paracoskinolina sunnilandensis and Palorbitolina
lenticularis. Salpingoporella? popgrigorei n. sp. is a
medium-sized dasycladalean alga showing funnel-like
laterals with an euspondyl arrangement. The laterals consist
of two distinctive parts. The proximal part is narrow and
Xattened. The distal part widens relatively suddenly, and
then narrows slightly before the Wnal widening towards the
exterior, in the place where the laterals most probably
formed an assimilatory cortex. The distinctive features of
the new species are represented by the shape of the laterals.
The new Salpingoporella best resembles the Upper Hauterivian–
Lower Barremian p.p. Salpingoporella genevensis
(Conrad), especially due to the quadrangular aspect of the
laterals in middle-deep tangential section. However, diVerences
refer to the laterals’ general shape, and to the typical
features of the laterals in deep tangential section of Salpingoporella?
popgrigorei n. sp.

Cuvinte cheie: Alge calcaroase, Dasycladales, Cretacic inferior (Aptian), Muntii Apuseni, Romania // Calcareous algae, Dasycladales, Lower cretaceous (Aptian), Apuseni Mountains, Romania