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The Ontology of the Church in Hans Küng

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Autori: Corneliu C. Simut

Editorial: Peter Lang, Oxford, UK, 2007.


This book investigates the signs of the church in the theology of Hans Küng as described in his The Church (1967). As Küng does not go beyond the traditional signs of the church, the author makes a thorough analysis of the unity, catholicity, holiness and apostolicity of the church with plentiful references to other contemporary theologians such as Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Edward Schillebeeckx, Henri de Lubac, Yves Congar, and even Joseph Ratzinger. The relevance of the book consists in its approach to classical theological issues which lay the foundation for a contemporary reassessment of the church. The author is concerned not to defend particular doctrines but to see how Küng’s theology of the signs of the church fits within the context of his time.

Cuvinte cheie: teologie, istorie, filozofie // theology, history, philosophy