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Professor Mircea Eliade. Reminiscences

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Autori: editori: Mihaela Gligor, Mac Linscott Ricketts

Editorial: editori: Mihaela Gligor, Mac Linscott Ricketts, Codex Publishing House, Kolkata, India, 2008.


Professor Mircea Eliade: Reminiscences is the outcome of a cross-cultural collaboration focused on the intellectual output and
personality of Professor Mircea Eliade, the head of the Chair for
the History of Religions at Chicago University, between 1956 and 1986. There are also several articles from Romanian and American researchers as well as a contribution by an Indian scholar.
The initiative of this book, a unique testimony on Professor Mircea Eliade, belongs to Dr. Mihaela Gligor, Scientific Researcher at the Romanian Academy. All along her endeavors
she has been generously assisted by Professor Emeritus Mac Linscott
Ricketts, the American bibliographer of Eliade.
The publication of the book is a premiere in more than one way: a first Romanian-American-Indian collaboration, published in India – at Codex Publishing House – on Mircea Eliade. The biggest surprise though, as acknowledged by Mihaela Gligor, is the contribution of Mr. Priyadarshi Sen, the son of Maitreyi Devi, reminding the reader about Eliade’s connection to India.

Cuvinte cheie: Mircea Eliade, reminiscences, cultural studies