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The exchange rate regime and the international trade

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Autori: Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

Editorial: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, p.204, 2010.


The analysis of complex relation between the exchange rate regime and the international trade is done based on the next methodological principles: 1) The analysis of pure theory of international trade; 2) The analysis of the main theoretical approaches of the international trade taking into consideration the monetary factor; 3) A historical analysis of the relation between the exchange rates regime and the international trade; 4) The mathematical modelling of relation between the exchange rate and the international trade. The process of modelling will follow the next steps: a) Defining the object of research (the relation exchange rate regime-the international trade) and the precise task of the model (to find an exchange rate regime in order to obtain an optimal volume of the international trade); b) Describing the concepts, the indicators and other relevant information; c) Studying and selecting of the main elements and connections of the researched phenomenon; d) Elaborating the hypothesis and the restrictions of the factors and of the entire studied phenomenon; e) Determining the criteria of the most efficient variant; f) Constructing the model.

Cuvinte cheie: exchange rate regime, international trade, computer simulation