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Fundamentele conservarii diversitatii biologice [Essentials of conservation biology]

Domenii publicaţii > Biologie + Tipuri publicaţii > Carte

Autori: Primack, R.B., Patroescu, M., Rozylowicz, L., Ioja C

Editorial: AGIR, p.668, 2008.


The book appeared under the patronage of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, is dedicated to “professors teaching environmental sciences, biology, ecology, biodiversity, and whose concerns will inspire future generations in the effort of conciliating conservation biology with human needs”. Conservation biology represents a new complex science, with several major objectives, such as: studying the planet’s biological diversity, assessing human impact upon species, finding methods for preventing species extinction and protecting and restoring biological communities. This complex science appeared because none of the traditional sciences could understand and reduce biodiversity destruction. Therefore this science is complementary to traditional sciences.In the 21 chapters of the treaty, the authors try to cover, practically and theoretically, the new sciences’ objectives; the chapters being: What is conservation biology? What represents biological diversity? Where do we find biological diversity? Ecological economy and direct economical values; Indirect economical values; Conservation biology ethics; Extinction; Habitats fragmentation, degradation, destruction and global climate changes; Over-exploitation, invasive species and diseases; Small populations problems; Populations applied biology; Establishing new populations; Ex-situ conservation strategies; Protected areas establishment; Designing protected areas networks; Protected areas management; Conservation outsides protected areas; Ecological restoration; Local conservation and sustainable development; International dimension of conservation and sustainable development; Agenda for the future.

Cuvinte cheie: conservation biology, applied population biology, ecological education