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A Theoretical Approach for Dynamic Modelling of Sustainable Development

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Autori: Corina-Maria Ene, Anda Gheorghiu, Anca Gheorghiu

Editorial: Recent Researches in Energy & Environment, 6th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Energy&Environment (Cambridge EE'11), ISSN 1792-8230, p.261-265, 2011.


This article presents a theoretical model for a dynamic system based on sustainable development. Due to the relatively absence of theoretical studies and practical issues in the area of sustainable development, Romania aspires to the principles of sustainable development. Based on the
concept as a process in which economic, social, political and natural environment are combined in order
to sustain planet management, our goal is to promote an economic tool for Romanian decision-makers in order to evaluate scenarios and planning options.

Cuvinte cheie: sustainable development, economic system, economic development, economic welfare, resources scarcity, natural environment