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The Conflict between Economic Development and Planetary Ecosystem in the Context of Sustainable Development

The green area of economy is the key of healthy living. It is necessary to convene economic and ecologic framework to establish a market attentive to drastic reduction of emissions damaging our climate and landscapes in rural areas, to the protection of biological diversity of the planet, to stop producing nuclear waste, etc. This paper tries to demonstrate human concern for a waste recycling economy that will provide new jobs, will create economic

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A Theoretical Approach for Dynamic Modelling of Sustainable Development

This article presents a theoretical model for a dynamic system based on sustainable development. Due to the relatively absence of theoretical studies and practical issues in the area of sustainable development, Romania aspires to the principles of sustainable development. Based on the concept as a process in which economic, social, political and natural environment are combined in order to sustain planet management, our goal is to promote an economic

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Macrostate Parameter and Investment Risk Diagrams for 2008 and 2009

In this paper are made some considerations of the application of phenomenological thermodynamics in risk analysis for the transaction on financial markets, using the concept of economic entropy and the macrostate parameter introduced by us in a previous works [15,16]. The investment risk diagrams for a number of Romanian listed companies in 2008 and 2009 years were calculed. Also, the evolution of the macrostate parameter during financial and economic

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Target market risk evaluation

After the shocking series of bankruptcies started in 2008, the public does not trust anymore the classical methods of assessing business risks. The global economic severe downturn caused demand for both developed and emerging economies’ exports to drop and the crisis became truly global. However, this current crisis offers opportunities for those companies able to play well their cards. Entering new markets has always been a hazardous entrepreneurial

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Most of the econometric and econophysics models have been borrowed from the statistical physics, and as a consequence, a new interdisciplinary science called econophysics has emerged. In this paper we planned to extend the analogy between different economic processes or phenomena and processes/phenomena from different fields of physics, other than statistical physics. On the basis of the economic development process and amplification phenomenon analogy,

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