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Local Development:Theoretical and Empirical Models

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Carte

Autori: Matei,Ani;Matei,Lucica;Savulescu,Carmen

Editorial: Lambert Academic Publishing,Saarbrucken,Germany, p.166, 2010.


In the context of the new millennium, the local development becomes an important pillar in view to achieve public management reform and to valorize the communities endogenous resources. Supported through specific mechanisms by OECD, EU, UNDP etc., the local development policies turn into account own analysis and assessment methods, based on traditional or modern outcomes of public economics, systemic analysis or input-output as well as social statistics. Structured in six chapters, the book accomplishes relevant syntheses between the theoretical and empirical approaches on systemic models of local development, Keynesian approach, assessment by input- output method and statistic substantiation of local development. The empirical presentations are carried out in local communities. The book addresses to specialists and practitioners in national, regional or local administrations with assignments in local development management as well as academia for supporting the training of students, MA students and PhD students.

Cuvinte cheie: dezvoltare locala,modelul keynesian,modelul input-output // Local Development,Keynesian model,Input-Output Model