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The Stele of YHWH in Egypt. The Prophecies of Isaiah 18-20 concerning Egypt and Kush

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Autori: Csaba Balogh

Editorial: Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, p.xviii+394, 2011.


Attempts to reconstruct the compositional history of the book of Isaiah confine themselves mainly to chapters 1-12 and 28-39, supposed to shroud the basic core of any early collection of Isaianic texts. Other investigations which verge on the group of prophecies concerning the nations in Isa 13-23 rarely delve into exegetical details to the extent that the reader of Isaiah would feel convinced to stand here on familiar grounds. Even others, overtly restricted to a small pericope inside Isa 13-23, often neglect the significance of this larger context. This book provides a thorough analysis of Isaiah 18-20, concerned with Egypt and Kush, from the earliest stages to their final contextualisation within the developing corpus of the Isaianic prophecies regarding the nations.

Cuvinte cheie: Isaia, Profeţii despre popoare strãine, Egipt, Cuş, Africa, Etiopia, Asiria, Profeţie, Imperialism, Identitate, Naţionalism // Isaiah, Foreign Nation Prophecies, Egypt, Kush, Africa, Ethiopia, Assyria, Prophecy, Imperialism, Identity, Nationalism