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IT&C Impact on the Romanian Business and Organizations. The Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence Methods Influence on Manager’s Decision: A Case Study

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Autori: Edelhauser Eduard

Editorial: Informatica Economica Journal, Vol. 1, 5 No. 2/2011, p.16-28, 2011.


The aim of the paper is to study the use of the advanced management methods in the 2010 year in Romania. The research results were obtained with the use of a questionnaire, and our purpose was to demonstrate some hypothesis concerning identify the effect that implementation of ERP and BI applications in all functions of an organization has over the management method and the IT&C based decision. The originality of this article consists in the study realized in computer based advanced management methods implementation. The study is limited to the SIVECO companies portfolio. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate some hypothesis concerning the relationship between the size of the organization, the management method used, and the role of IT&C in decision making. The practical value of this study consists in the measurement of the impacts of contingency factors, including size, and in the assessment of the ERP systems success. The results demonstrate that the relationship between firm size and ERP success is moderated by IT assets.

Cuvinte cheie: Managmentul modern al organizatiilor // Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Management Methods, Balanced Scorecard