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US Marginal Intra-Industry Trade and Country Characteristics

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Autori: Nuno Carlos Leitao

Editorial: The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Economic Computation and Cybernetics Studies and Research, 46 (2), p.143-153, 2012.


This study examines the marginal intra-industry trade (MIIT)
and its components horizontally and marginal vertical intra-industry trade (MVIIT)
applied to the United States. We present an alternative methodology to evaluate
marginal intra-industry trade (MIIT) which was presented by Thom and McDowell
(1999) and Azhar and Elliot (2008). Using a panel data approach, the results show
a negative correlation between endowments and marginal intra-industry trade.
These results indicate that marginal intra-industry trade occurs more frequently among countries that are similar demand. Our results also confirm the hypothesis that trade increases if the transportation costs decrease.

Cuvinte cheie: Marginal horizontal and vertical trade, United States, Panel Data