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European wood-pastures in transition: a social-ecological approach

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Autori: Hartel, T., Plieninger, T (Eds)

Editorial: Earthscan - Routledge, Earthscan - Routledge, forthcoming, p.288, 2014.


The major aim of this book is to offer a pan-European synthesis of the diverse nature of wood pastures, their social and ecological values, governing institutions, threats and conservation approaches. An innovative and comprehensive social-ecological framework is used to provide a common structure and organise study cases from Eastern and Western Europe.

It is shown that woodlands and grasslands are important elements of European cultural identity and play a crucial ecological role both at local and landscape scale, but are in decline all over Europe. The major drivers of this decline are related to accelerated cultural, institutional and developmental changes occurring across Europe over the past century. Traditionally the wood pasture literature has covered only a few Western European countries, although wood pastures are common in Central and Eastern Europe as well. Case study chapters on the latter demonstrate how rapid institutional changes currently occurring in Eastern Europe represent a permanent and increasing threat to the wood pastures of this region. Overall, the book helps to develop better, locally adapted conservation policies and management approaches for wood pastures across Europe.

Cuvinte cheie: Wood-pastures, biodiversity, Europe, policy, conservation, human shaped landscape