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Materiale Compozite. Volumul 1: Obtinere, proprietati si aplicatii /COMPOSITE MATERIALS, VOL.1 Processing. Properties. Applications

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Autori: Ileana Nicoleta POPESCU

Editorial: Ruxandra Vidu, Reflection Publishing, USA, 1, p.1-126, 2013.


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COMPOSITE MATERIALS, VOL.1 Processing. Properties. Applications.
The continuous development of technology in various fields of industries, especially in the automotive construction material testing field, imposed by the scientists to find new solutions adapted to the growing requirementys of advanced lightweight materials, non-poluted and efficient from economic point of view. In this context, the objective of the present work was to study and present different methods of manufacturing processing and characterization of composite materials, in general, and of aluminum based composite materials in particular, as well as to summarizing the most important applications of aluminum based composite materials.
The paper is structured in two parts, the first volume focusing on the basic notions of composite materials (definition, classification, components used to manufacturing processing of metal matrix composites; physico-chemical and mechanical interactions that occur at the interface reinforcement – matrix, respectively properties and applications of composites). The book is addressed to the students of materials and mechanical science and engineering specializations, as well as to the students, engineers and researchers in the field of Marine, Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering which use or /and testing in their work, the composite materials.

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Cuvinte cheie: COMPOSITE MATERIALS, Processing, Properties, Applications