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Nonlinear dynamic modeling of economic systems using NetLogo

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Autori: Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

Editorial: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014.


Nonlinear dynamic modeling of economic systems is using an interdisciplinary advance combining comprehension from Agent-based Computational Modeling and Economics with the reach to analyze the evolution of an economic system composed by intelligent agents. Agent-based Computational Modeling is paying attention on intelligent agents seen as entities that sum up other agents, procedures, parameters, and variables. Using agents, the scientist builds models by using computers with dedicated software platforms. In this book, we use NetLogo software platform to create a nonlinear dynamic model of an economic system using agent-based modeling. NetLogo uses three types of agents: turtles, patches, and one observer. Turtles are agents that are moving inside the world. The world is a bi-dimensional lattice (an arrangement of objects in a regular periodic pattern) composed by patches. The observer does not have a specific location – we can imagine it like an entity that observes the world composed by turtles, and patches.

Cuvinte cheie: agent-based computational modeling of economic systems, NetLogo software platform