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Premii Ad Astra

premii Ad Astra

Asociația Ad Astra a anunțat câștigătorii Premiilor Ad Astra 2022: Proiectul și-a propus identificarea și popularizarea modelelor de succes, a rezultatelor excepționale ale cercetătorilor români din țară și din afara ei.

Asociatia Ad Astra a cercetatorilor romani lanseaza BAZA DE DATE A CERCETATORILOR ROMANI DIN DIASPORA. Scopul acestei baze de date este aceea de a stimula colaborarea dintre cercetatorii romani de peste hotare dar si cu cercetatorii din Romania. Cercetatorii care doresc sa fie nominalizati in aceasta baza de date sunt rugati sa trimita un email la

Economic Policies

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Carte

Autori: Tiberiu Brãilean, Aurelian-Petruș Plopeanu, Alina Haller

Editorial: Institutul European, Romania, 2014.


This book deals with the theoretical and practical foundations of cyclical economic policies (monetary, fiscal, budgetary, etc.), the structural ones (active sectoral policies, optimizing resource allocation policies, etc.), also the mixtures of established ingredients of different successful, intelligent economic policies, well adapted to certain specific circumstances. The approach takes into account, in each domain, the European rules and experiences. It can help business decision makers at macro, mezzo and micro levels to optimize their decisions, taking into account almost all variables and influences that are involved in the economic process, as well as the inter-relationships that may occur between them. It is a book that is addressed for both academics and practitioners. The current approach can ease the path to economic and social welfare.

Cuvinte cheie: policy mix, sectoral policies, national policies, economic policy