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Spatial evolution of forest areas in the northern Carpathian Mountains of Romania
Fluoro and pentafluorothio analogs of the antitumoral curcuminoid EF24 with superior antiangiogenic and vascular-disruptive effects
Bioclimatic analysis and tourism analysis in Romania
Creative economies in Romania – spatial projections and trends
Fractal drainage model – a new approach to determinate the complexity of watershed
Analysis of the Relationship Between the Piezometric Level and Urban Development in the Emerging Bucharest City, Romania
Using Fractal Analysis in Modeling the Dynamics of Forest Areas and Economic Impact Assessment: Maramures , County, Romania, as a Case Study
Assessment of Textural Differentiations in Forest Resources in Romania Using Fractal Analysis
Fractal analysis for studying the evolution of forests
Ferrocenyl-Coupled N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Gold(I): A Successful Approach to Multinuclear Anticancer Drugs