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2006-2012 land cover and use changes in Romania – an overall assessment based on CORINE data
Transitional dynamics based trend analysis of land cover and use changes in Romania during 1990-2012
Trends in the national and regional transitional dynamics of land cover and use changes in Romania
Long-term environmental changes analysis using CORINE data

Long periods should be considered to characterize the dynamics of regional ecosystems complexes. For the European continent, research is advantaged by the existence of CORINE land cover and use data. This study aims to develop a methodology for using CORINE data (periods 1990-2000 and 2000-2006) to assess long-term environmental changes at a regional scale, consisting of identifying common causes and using ordinary kriging to look at the spatial

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Assessment of Textural Differentiations in Forest Resources in Romania Using Fractal Analysis
Fractal analysis for studying the evolution of forests
Determining forest fund evolution by fractal analysis (Suceava – Romania)