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Local systems on arrangements of smooth, complex algebraic hypersurfaces
Abelian duality and propagation of resonance
The pure braid groups and their relatives
Pure virtual braids, resonance, and formality
The Milnor fibration of a hyperplane arrangement: from modular resonance to algebraic monodromy
On the topology of the Milnor fibration of a hyperplane arrangement

This note is mostly an expository survey, centered on the topology of complements of hyperplane arrangements, their Milnor fibrations, and their boundary structures. An important tool in this study is provided by the degree 1 resonance and characteristic varieties of the complement, and their tight relationship with orbifold fibrations and multinets on the underlying matroid. In favorable situations, this approach leads to a combinatorial formula

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Flat connections and resonance varieties: from rank one to higher ranks
Around the tangent cone theorem


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Combinatorial covers and vanishing of cohomology
Homological finiteness of abelian covers

We present a method for deciding when a regular abelian cover of a finite CW-complex has finite Betti numbers. To start with, we describe a natural parameter space for all regular covers of a finite CW-complex X, with group of deck transformations a fixed abelian group A, which in the case of free abelian covers of rank r coincides with the Grassmanian of r-planes in H1(X,Q). Inside this parameter space, there is a subset ΩAi(X) consisting of all

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