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Open positions at Luleå University of Technology

Luleå University of Technology has an annual turnover of more than EUR 130 million. Today the University has 1,600 employees and 12,000 students. Research is carried out in close cooperation with companies such as Shell, Ericsson, Ford/Volvo, LKAB, Airbus, Volvo Aero and IBM and with the University’s international partners such as Monash University and Stanford University. This research has a turnover of EUR 66 million.

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PhD scholarship in energy saving retrofitting of buildings

Description of the project The aim of the PhD project is to develop methods for integrated design of energy saving retrofitting of existing buildings based on the following activities: * evaluation of the remaining service life time of the different parts of the building * development of solutions for retrofitting with strongly improved energy performance and durability * optimization of the retrofitting with respect to how and when the retrofitting

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PhD scholarship in the field of Structural-Materials Modelling

A PhD project is offered in the field of structural-materials modelling. Focus is on structural response to loadings in general based on detailed modelling of materials. Loads considered are mechanical and environmental, treated separately or in combination. Modelling is based on the finite element method. Specific projects are offered in one of the following sub-areas: * Mechanical modelling of reinforced concrete structures (fracture and plasticity)

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“FRP strengthened RC panels with cut-out openings”

A strengthening solution for multi-storey buildings in seismically active regions is considered. The Precast Reinforced Concrete Large Panel (PRCLP) structural system is described. Besides earthquakes, different problems during the last decades were identified in the PRCLP structural behaviour: design mistakes, neglected health monitoring, construction problems, change of use for example cut-out openings. The presented study is a part of an ongoing

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„How reliable are the available models for predicting the FRP contribution for the shear resistance of RC beams?”

The performance of the most well-known models for the prediction of the contribution of FRP systems for the EBR shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beams is compared in this paper. The comparison was made using experimental results collected in a large database consisting of approximately 200 FRP strengthened concrete beams with various strengthening configurations and geometric dimensions. The results are not promising and a large scatter

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