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Teaching Computer Graphics with virtual group and virtual laboratories

How to adapt the computer graphics course questions to nowadays tools and challenges? Our proposal is to use Web 2.0 tools, on-line graphic editors, digital photography, and virtual environments.

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„Linux and Virtual Learning Environments” workshop project
Online teaching Mathematics: a case study
„IFIN – ITIM Distributed GRID System
The Nowadays ICT Teacher’ Challenges: From Kidlink to Web Generation
Avoiding Web-Plagiarism

The current World Wide Web development implies a huge diversity if texts, with so called school-sucks sites, too. Consequently a student could find very easy a paper suitable for his/her project. It is called "copy-paste" procedure. The question is how a teacher could identify such and abuse, and how to avoid web-plagiarism.

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Tele-Pedagogy in the Virtual Educational Communities

How to teach in a poor community through the network. A project proposal, and some preliminary results.

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E-Learning in Romanian universities: Dealing with essential changes of society and culture

An analysis of e-learning adoption in Romanian HE.

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Five Years of the Romanian Internet Learning Workshop : Building an International Community of Experts

A short description of the RILW project (Romanian Internet Learning Workshop), the goals, impact and evolution from the beginning, in 1997, until the last edition from 2001. Considering especially the results, the international professional team building and the overall impact of the project in education.

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The Internet in Education: The Past, the Present and, hopefully, the Future

As an introductory chapter of the book, it is partially a survey of Internet resources on the past, present, and future of distance education and Internet-based learning. The short history of e-learning must be discussed in its context, including the (long) history of education, and correlated with the (short) history of computers and of the Internet.

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