Articolele autorului Mihai Stanislav Jalobeanu
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Prelucrarea imaginilor

A chapter in the book entitled " The Electronic Computers, Graphics and Image Processing", including mainly the author results in building a digital image acquisition and processing system based on a minicomputer,and discussing a bit the domain results.

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E-Learning in Romania
Imaginile, producerea si prelucrarea lor cu sistemele actuale de calcul
Acces în Internet. Poșta electronicã și transferul de fișiere

A newbie guide for Internet access, presenting main tools for email and file transfer, as well as a lot of public available resources of that time.

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A successful example of distance learning opportunity

In 1997 the Romanian Internet Learning Workshop (RILW) project begun as a challenging experiment: to organize in Romania an International workshop devoted to Internet and using Internet tools only. There were five editions, and from the third one they included a summer school. Just after the third edition, it happens that two very ill kids asked us by email, to help them to learn. They discovered on the Internet our involvement in using Internet

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WWW în învãţãmânt. Instruirea prin Internet
Internet: Informare şi Instruire. Paşi în lumea comunicaţiilor

In John Quarterman's *The Matrix* (1990) there is a remark that there are ``no known systems in Romania.'' In 1994 there were 463 known hosts and last year there were 924 (see *MN* 5.11, p. 8). If anything, this shows the profound effect of the downfall of totalitarian government. While I was at ISOC last June, it was clear that delegates from third world nations saw Internet access as a democratizing actor: a way of getting news in and out that

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Enhancing quality of teacher education
How to Teach in a Romanian University? How to Prepare Professionals, Not Criminals?

How to avoid "copy-paste" plagiarism, how to avoid the use of commercial software without a proper licence, how to convince our students to take care on films or music files downloading? The present paper discuss digital and information literacy, and corresponding teachers' e-competences, having in mind Prensky's opposition between digital natives and digital immigrants. Romanian educational system is evaluated mainly through our faculty students

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Using Moodle Platform in Distance Education