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Inventarea Modernitatii: Filosofie naturala, teologie si stiinta in secolul al XVII-lea

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Autori: Dana Jalobeanu

Editorial: Napoca Star, Cluj, 2006.


This book investigates the interactions between natural philosophy, metaphysics and theology during the seventeenth century, the century of the „scientific revolution”. By comparing the various programmes for the reformation of knowledge written during the seventeenth century by early modern philosophers like Bacon, Boyle, Descartes or Newton with their actual result (the mathematical philosophy of Newton and his followers) the author emphasize both some less discussed common features of early modern philosophy and that there is an interesting gap between the projected form of the „new science” and its actual outcome. In pursuing the investigation of this gap, the book opens new directions of research into cross-disciplinary fields: history of science, history of philosophy, the relation between science and religion etc.

Cuvinte cheie: originile filosofiei moderne, reforma cunoasterii, Societatea Regala, Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Francis bacon // early modern philosophy, early modern science, reformation of knowledge, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes