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Federman Frenzy: the ‘cult’ in culture, the ‘me’ in memory, the ‘he’ in history – encounters with Raymond Federman

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte umaniste + Tipuri publicaţii > Carte

Autori: Camelia Elias, ed

Editorial: p.109, 2008.


Celebrated American author Raymond Federman is 80 this year. The present volume, which is a collaboration between scholars at Aalborg and Roskilde University, marks this event in addition to introducing Federman to the general public. As Federman has given the editor, Camelia Elias, his permission “to use and abuse whatever you need and want from my work including my body,” she has not hesitated to do so. The result is a fascinating read. The volume features 4 scholarly essays and an inédit encounter between Federman and Elias, featuring both of these authors’ texts. A version of this book is also available as a free download from Alborg University, Dept. of Language and Culture, Research News, Nr. 1

Cuvinte cheie: Raymond Federman