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Variation of Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) Fruits at Different Stages of Ripening
Antioxidant activity, and phenolic and mineral contents of the walnut kernel (Juglans regia L.) as a function of the pellicle color
Distribution and Population Structure of the Chestnut Blight Fungus in Romania
Following Walnut Footprints (Juglans regia L.) Cultivation and Culture, Folklore and History, Traditions and Uses.
Total Phenolic, Flavonoid Distribution and Antioxidant Capacity in Skin, Pulp and Fruit Extracts of Plum Cultivars
Physical and Chemical Properties of Some European Plum Cultivars (Prunus domestica L.).
The Mineral Source for Human Nutrition of Nuts in Different Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) Cultivars
Molecular characterization of old local grapevine varieties from south east European countries

South East European (SEE) viticulture partially relies on native grapevine varieties, previously scarcely described. In order to characterize old local grapevine varieties and assess the level of synonymy and genetic diversity from SEE countries, we described and genotyped 122 accessions from Albania, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Romania on nine

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Relationships of walnut cultivars in a germplasm collection: Comparative analysis of phenotypic and molecular data

Assessment of the genetic relatedness of walnut cultivars with phenotypic data and molecular markers allows progress in conservation and management of the genetic resources, breeding and protection of breeders’ intellectual property. In the present study we used 24 morphological traits, 25 random amplified polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs) and 7 simple sequence repeats (SSRs), to study genetic diversity and relationships in walnut cultivars at different

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Prohexadione-Ca Induces Reduction in Bacterial Blight Severity and Alteration in Phenolic Content in Walnuts

Prohexadione-Ca (ProCa) was applied in an adult walnut orchard of cv. Franquette to test its ability to reduce severity of Xanthomonas arboricola pv. juglandis (Xaj) infection, and the effect on the contents of phenolic compounds in walnut fruits. ProCa was used three times over at 8-10 day interval, starting before the stigmas emergence at 0.125 mg l-1 concentration (treatment R1), and at the stage of brown stigmas at 0.250 mg l-1 concentration

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