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Cyclicity in Cordilleran Orogenic systems
Characterization of the crust of the Coast Mountains Batholith, British Columbia, from P to S converted seismic waves and petrologic modeling
Lithospheric mantle duplex beneath the central Mojave Desert
Tectonic Underplating Of Trench Sediments Beneath Magmatic Arcs: The Central California Example
U-Pb geochronology of granitoids in the north-western boundary of the Xolapa terrane
Kinematic history of the Fuegian Andes as indicated by U-Pb detrital-zircon geochronology and rare earth element geochemistry of the Magallanes foreland basin
Chronology of pluton emplacement and regional deformation in the southern Sierra Nevada Batholith, California
Temporal-compositional trends over short and long time-scales in basalts of the Big Pine volcanic field, California
Preliminary stratigraphic and structural architecture of Bhutan: Implications for the along strike architecture of the Himalayan system
Exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure rocks beneath the Hornelen segment of Norvegian Caledonides

The Nordfjord-Sogn Detachment Zone of western Norway represents an archetype for crustal-scale normal faults that are typically cited as one of the primary mechanisms responsible for the exhumation of ultrahighpressure (UHP) terranes. In this paper, we investigate the role of normal-sense shear zones with respect to UHP exhumation using structural geology, thermobarometry, and geochronology of the Hornelen segment of the Nordfjord-Sogn Detachment

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