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Using Geostatistical Tools to Pinpoint ‘Hotspots’ Showing Biodiversity Threats: Romania as a Case Study

A relatively new concept, 'global change', refined over the last decade to account for the energy - land use - climate change nexus, describes all changes induced by the human species and its activities affecting natural ecosystems and their biodiversity. This chapter reviews several research projects carried out within the national boundaries of Romania, all attempting to pinpoint, explain and predict the impact of 'hotspots' showing potential threats

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Geostatistical approach to find ‘hotspots’ where biodiversity is at risk in a transition country

‘Global change’ is a relatively recent concept, related to the energy - land use - climate change nexus, and designated to include all changes produced by the human species and the consequences of its activities over natural ecological complexes and biodiversity. The joint effects of these drivers of change are particularly relevant to understanding the changes of biodiversity. This study overlaps results of previous studies developed in Romania

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Using spatial metrics to assess the efficacy of biodiversity conservation within the Romanian Carpathian Convention area
2006-2012 land cover and use changes in Romania – an overall assessment based on CORINE data