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Phospholipase Using as Breadmaking Improver

Even the biochemical mechanism of dough’s structure formation is not complete understanding, the significance of main compounds and linkages between them are already established. For these reasons the pathways of dough structural properties changing by using improvers are became ordinary in baking area. The usage of enzyme products on baking processing in view to improve the rheological properties of doughs as well as the quality of end products

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Comparative studies between Phospholipase and DATEM effects in bread-making
Changes and Prospects on Romanian University Education in Food Engineering Area
The influence of phospholipase on volatile compounds in bread loaf

Certain phosphatidylcholine acylhydrolases, known as phospholipases, have started to be used for improving the quality of the baked products. The aim of this study was quantification of some volatile compounds from bread loaves, by using recipes with addition of different doses of a commercial available phospholipase, named Belpan FTG. The working methodology consisted of baking tests, by using different doses of phospholipase, like improver. Through

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Bread dough modification related to exogenous phospholipases usage

In this work, relationships between exogenous phospholipases (PLA) acting solely on the endogenous phospholipid fraction of dough were analyzed. Their influence was determined by chromatography methods, as well as rheological and technological ones. The biochemical and physical modifications in bread dough were studied by using different exogenous PLA in variable doses, without other phospholipids (PL) added.

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