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Structure and some properties of new formes of tris-(2-aminoethanolato-o,n) cobalt (III)

Crystal forms of cobalt(III) tris(2-aminoethanolate) hydrates, i.e., red cubic crystals of the compo- sition fac-[Co(NH2CH2CH2O)3] 5.44H2O (fac-I 5.44H2O) and blue prismatic crystals of the composition mer- [Co(NH2CH2CH2O)3] 3H2O (mer-I 3H2O) were studied by the 59Co, 13C NMR and X-ray diffraction meth- ods. It was found that mer-[Co(NH2CH2CH2O)3] 3H2O (mer-I 3H2O) is a new pseudopolymorphic modifica- tion of fac-[Co(NH2CH2CH2O)3] 3H2O (fac-I 3H2O),

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Authentification of Old Bronze Coins. I. Study on Archaeological Patina

This paper presents comparative results concerning the chemical composition and mineralogical distribution of the main compounds from the structure of the archaeological patina of ancient bronze coins, which were determined by the corroboration of microchemical, IR spectrophotometry, SEM/EDAX and Colorimetric methods. The stratigraphical distribution of the chemical components in the structure of patina is caused by the pedological processes from

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Instrumental analyses used in the authentication of old paintings I. Comparison between two Icons of XIXth Century

The paper deals with the study of materials and techniques for two icons of 19th century through instrumental analysis (optical and SEM, FTIR and microRAMAN spectroscopy, staining test) in order to identify the authentication elements and the intervention to which the artefact were subject in time.

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Research concerning the obtaining and characterization of new materials involved in conservation and restoration of works of art

The obtaining and characterization of compatible materiale and the elaboration of new conservation procedures of artefacts from inorganic materials. The atention was headed to support structures, ornaments and polychromy, as: frescoes, mozaics, stained glass, marble, stone, metalic artefacts and so on.

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Studies on reaction system Pd(II) – 2,6 – diaminotholuene
Studii privind sistemul de reacţie Pd2+ – 2,6 diaminotoluen
Autentificarea monedelor antice din bronz prin studiul patinei arheologice. I. Compoziţie şi structurã
Survey on behaviour of interventions for Probota Monastery’s indoor frescoes under environmental factor influence. III. Correlations between thermal, hygroscopic and sonic parameters

The paper deals with the correlation between thermal, hygroscopic and sonic parameters modification of the components from the preparation layers of the indoor frescoes after two years from the restoration of the Church of Probota Monastery (Romania).

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The obtaining and characterization of NaCl nanicrystalline dispersions for Saline Type Therapeutical Climate. III. The evaluation of the „Salin” Device Reliability

The work present the reliability of a Romanian manufactured apparatus, Salin (S.C. TehnoBionic S.R.L. Buzau) based on structural and functional feature, used-up for therapeutic environments and for creating the treatment effect of halochambers and for air sanitation.

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The obtaining and characterization of NaCl nanicrystalline dispersions for Saline Type Therapeutical Climate. II. „in situ” analysis of saline aerosols

The paper presents experimental data about "in situ" concentration computations of NaCl aerosols and NaCl granulometric assessment from representative saline mines of Romania which contain saline rooms. It is tested the new differential conductometric method for determining the concentration.

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