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Heterocyclic azodyes as pigments for dye sensitized solar cells – A combined experimental and theoretical study
Studies concerning the photostabilization of cationic dyes derived by the compact condensed systems with thiazolic ring applied on polyacrylic fibres using UV absorber
Cationic Dyes Removal from Textile Wastewaters by Using Ecofriendly Adsorbents
Evaluation of essential elements and heavy metal levels in fruiting bodies of wild mushrooms and their substrate by EDXRF spectrometry and FAA spectrometry
Identification of Air Pollution Elements in Lichens Used as Bioindicators, by the XRF and AAS Methods
Studies concerning heavy metals bioaccumulation of wild edible mushrooms from industrial area by using spectrometric techniques
Studies on Accumulation of Heavy Metals from Substrate to Edible Wild Mushrooms
Nuclear and Nuclear Related Analytical Methods Appied in Environmental Research
Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM): An Alternative Analytical Metod for Investigation nn Real-Time of Liquid Properties
QCM Real-Time Sensor for Monitoring of Poisonous Cyanide from Drinking Water and Environmental